Our mission

At Winners Locker, our mission is to unite sports enthusiasts through a dynamic platform that celebrates the passion for sports, fosters community connections, and provides exclusive access to premium sports content and experiences.

Glenn Hargraves


With an impressive 30-year entrepreneurial journey, Glenn is a seasoned business operator. Co-founding Localsearch in 1993, one of Australia's largest digital marketing companies boasting a workforce of over 300 professionals. This wealth of experience endows Glenn with a profound depth of business acumen and strategic insight, which he channels into the very heart of the Winners Locker team. While charting the course to success, Glenn's unwavering passion for sports shines through. His interests span a dynamic range, from AFL, boxing, UFC, and motorsports, to the thrills of snow skiing and jet skiing. As we strive to redefine sports rewards, Glenn's visionary leadership sets our course for greatness.

Jerome Ahern

Head of Growth

Taking a concept and bringing it to life, Winners Locker’s visionary and original founder Jerome Ahern leads all things marketing & PR. With a rich background working for some of Australia’s most exciting start ups, Jerome focuses on the company's direction, vision and culture. A talented individual behind the desk & on the field, Jerome blends exciting sports promotions and incredible experiences to everyone in the Winners Locker community. Passionate about golf, tennis, and NRL – a sports enthusiast with a love for the green, the court, and the field.

Jade Mulholland

Head of Operations

With over 15 years of expertise in business development and software systems, Jade is the operational leader behind Winners Locker. Grounded in a strong foundation of computer science and a track record of nurturing tech enterprises, Jade spearheads our mission while overseeing all aspects of our app and technology. While his primary focus is steering the mission of Winners Locker, Jade wears many hats. He oversees all facets of our app and technology, business operations, and ensuring that every member's experience is nothing short of exceptional. Beyond the tech world, Jade's passion for live sports runs deep. His unwavering commitment to witnessing thrilling moments extends to NRL and NBA action, bringing a personal touch to the excitement that Winners Locker offers.

About us


Our vision at Winners Locker is to become the premier destination for sports enthusiasts, offering unparalleled access to a diverse range of sports-related content, merchandise, and exclusive experiences.

We aim to create an engaging and inclusive environment that enriches the lives of our members and strengthens their connection to the sports they love.

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Our commitment to making a positive impact goes beyond rewarding our members. We've partnered up with an outstanding charity, LIVIN, to help create lasting change in the lives of those who need it most.

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By supporting LIVIN, Winners Locker is actively involved in promoting mental health awareness and providing resources that can save lives.